All packages include print release, a CD with full resolution images, and a private, online gallery. You will decide if you want a blog published or not, as well as posting on social media. 

As a client, I am not a fan of playing "Find the Pricetag." I always have a budget in mind, but there is wiggle room with that number. I like to know prices, right off the bat--so I have included this page for you, my future client, to immediately answer some of your questions. I would love to talk to you about these packages, your needs, and my payment plan!  I know life happens, but we should not miss this moment because a car needed new tires or cheerleading camp had to be paid for this week. So let's make a plan. Call me!


Standard Sessions

These include senior, family, portraiture, and engagements. They typically run about 2 hours, but I am not a stickler for that amount of time. I ask that you not be more than 30 minutes late, but we will stay until we get the shots! (Really, though--who wants to take pictures for much longer than 2 hours?) Seniors can have up to 5 complete outfit changes and unlimited accessories (jackets, scarves, hats). Other sessions can have 2 outfit changes and unlimited accessories. The cost is $250.


Lifestyle Sessions

Lifestyle sessions are a bit more relaxed, informal. I capture you however you are--think paparazzi. You can be as dolled up as you want, or you can be in pajamas--or dolled up in pajamas. I can follow your family to the park, or act as a fly on the wall while you and yours make brunch in your kitchen. We can get some posed shots, but this is a more journalistic style--far more candid. We are telling the story of your family, in this moment. Perfect for newborns, or a session during the cold winter months. Sessions are 2-5 hours and cost $250.



If you are planning a wedding, it is one of the most significant events in your life thus far. I think you should have the full story, so I don't put a time limit on my wedding coverage. I will be there from when you start getting ready until that moment in your reception that nothing good can come from photographic evidence, and all the magic in between. If you are doing something snazzy for the rehearsal, I can be there as well. An engagement session is included with a signed contract and deposit for the big day. Wedding packages are $1850.